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Black Magic Spells Frequently Asked Questions


How long until I get my results from my black magic spell?
I will cast your black magic spell, and from that very second your situation will begin to change, and it will change as fast as it can. It’s a misconception that black magic spells or any spells work overnight or instantly, they do not. They trigger changes, they redirect your life, and the life of the person you have cast a black magic spell upon, should someone else be involve in what you are using a black magic spell for. It can be hard to define the exact moment when you will have full results from your black magic spell, each case varies, in the same way that you can drive from London to Scotland each day for a week, and how long your journey takes each day will vary due to numerous other factor, but you will get there within a certain time period. Therefore, I would anticipate spell results can be expected anytime after the casting and normally within a month or two most clients have their results and have gone on their way unless they need further black magic spells casting for other purposes.


Can I call you or visit you?
No, I would not be able to help many people if I operated like that, also I am not a counsellor, instead I include email support as part of my service since it is unreasonable to expect a client to order a black magic spell then wait for results alone, I would imagine that would make anyone too nervous to use my services in the first place, so full support is available from the beginning to the end. As already stated, I am not a counsellor, but I will advise you on how my spells work. I have available psychic readings as a service you can use in conjunction with my spells, I can look at your spell, your situation, the frame of mind someone is in and that can be comforting and my version of counselling; knowing your situation is visible psychically and going the way you want. Black magic spell change fate, this means readings are useful, but not essential, I do not insist clients use them, because the whole idea is your black magic spell I will grant the future you are seeking. Nevertheless my reading service can be used as support.


Are your black magic spells guaranteed?
I accept some people might find it ironic I insist my black magic spells will work but refuse to guarantee them or offer a money back guarantee. My reason is I have full control over my black magic spell casting but limited control over my client who may take the situation into their own hands, if you need to do something you should check with me that your actions wont cause delays or the worse case scenario damage your black magic spell. This will not happen if you leave your black magic spell in peace to do its job - if you are using a black magic love spell for an old lover to come back to you, you should wait for the changes to happen, you wont miss anything, your black magic love spell will keep working until you are back together. There will be no need to panic and worry your spell can only do half its job, remember you have already failed to win back your ex naturally and your black magic spell will work in whatever way that brings your ex running back to you, and that may well be in a way you could never have dreamt of in a million years.


I would like to see some testimonials?
They aren’t on this website, nor will I be posting any - firstly you have no idea if they are true. Secondly comparing your case to someone else’s might upset you, after all I would only include my glowing fast result testimonials and if your case turns out to take more time you will get upset. Thirdly spells aren’t supposed to be talked about, wishes are meant to be kept a secret so that no other energy can affect them. You should not chat to a group of friends in your local, telling them you are waiting for your black magic spell to work, their reaction cannot be guaranteed to be supportive although black magic spell are powerful, we are talking about very sensitive psychic vibrational energy - for example we’ve all said “talk of the devil and he’s sure to appear’ as a joke after chatting about a friend - they came into our mind in the first place psychically, because they was on their way, and we happened to pick it up. I shield your spell from your own fears, doubts - which lets be honest you will have, especially if you are worrying over something, other than that I ask all clients to keeps their black magic spell cast by myself under their hat even after results.


What if my black magic spell doesn’t work?
If I said I was cursing you, you’d worry about it working, not failing, it’s human nature to look on the dark side, but as just mentioned when we talk of the devil and our friend turns up the energy is there it is very real, spells are a million times stronger, if you keep your spell a secret and just wait for it to work it will, you wont be able to stop it unless you ask me to cancel it.



















Be careful what you wish for, you will get it!

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