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About Me


As a High Master of the Black Arts, I have delved into the farthest reaches of dark experience and returned with knowledge given to few and way too powerful for most versed minds to handle. This power changes lives, my arts are unstoppable and stronger than any man. I can change any situation and bend it to my will.

If you come to me, have no doubts, you have chosen a path that will certainly bring you what you desire, with a force far too powerful to be denied! I never shirk from what is necessary to manifest the client's wish into being, I shape their life like a potter does clay, lives are malleable in my hands. So don't approach me if you are lily-livered, or if you have any fear of the changes you ask for or have any doubts about receiving what you want. Because I will certainly bring you your desires, when you ask for them.

I sow, water and harvest the ingredients for my Black Magick Spells when possible and make potions of every sort from my own harvests. But never ask me my secrets, or the workings of my Magick, such knowledge is forbidden to most.

No man likes to acknowledge that he is limited in his powers of any kind and I have studied for sleepless years so I can say, my powers are extraordinary. My arts are like fire, they can warm and revivify or burn, it's really up to my clients. My Black Magic spells will alter any part of life that you want fixing. Love, business, wealth, rivals, health, law suits, I can fix all of these for you, but I can do more too. I can bring all the forces of the occult world to your aid, an army of power which will wage and win any battle for you.

Your friend - Barbatos.



Be careful what you wish for, you will get it!

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